Treadmill Review Tuesday: Features the ProForm Power 995

For Treadmill Review Tuesday this week, I’ve chosen a website that features a great, unbiased review of the ProForm Power 995. There is nothing exceptionally exciting about this review, but this is exactly why I picked it. I wanted to show that I’m not only choosing treadmill reviews that come from blogs, or posts, but I will also choose plain reviews that are honest and informative.

The main purpose of Treadmill Review Tuesday is to inform my reader’s of sites that are giving honest and useful treadmill reviews. When I feature a site in one of my posts, it does not necessarily mean that their entire site is honest and useful, but at the least that individual review is.

First off, the Power 995 is a great and affordable treadmill by ProForm. It seems to be one of the more popular treadmills in ProForm’s line up. If you go read the customer reviews on this model’s page, you will only see positive remarks. This treadmill comes with many great features and specifications. It has more value than most treadmills in this price range, and this is exactly why I decided to feature’s treadmill review today. does an excellent job reviewing the Power 995. The review discusses all the main features and specifications of the treadmill, just like any other treadmill review site would; But they also add their opinion at the end, making the review more informative and honest.

You can click here to read the actual review. It is worth reading and you can really learn a lot about the ProForm Power 995. This review is decent because the people who run the website give you their honest opinion, and their honest opinion happens to be spot on. The site really knows their facts, too. They mention how the exact same specifications are also included on the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, which is selling for $2,000 more! This claim backs up their opinion that the Power 995 is a great value.

It is great when a treadmill review site is honest to its customers. A site that puts people before money has my vote any day. The fact that this review mentions that the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has the exact same specs for a way more expensive price earns my respect all around. Most sites would never say something like this, because they wouldn’t want you to think less of the Commercial 1750. This site, however, is completely honest. This definitely earns the Treadmill Review of the week.

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