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As I was looking through all the websites on my website ratings page, I realized I skipped over a rather important, authoritative treadmill review website. I felt immediately compelled to share it today.

There is a treadmill review website out there that is actually ran by a fitness professional. This gives more authority over all the other treadmill review sites, because this guy has more experience with these machines than most other review sites have.

I’m going to give you a brief history on Fred Waters. He has been working in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years. He was actually one of the most successful persons at marketing fitness equipment online. Not only does he have experience, but he digs deeper by visiting different manufacturers and finds out the most detailed information. He spends a lot of time at the manufacturer and basically interrogates the company, so he can come back with hours and hours of recorded information to share with his readers. Last, he visits local fitness stores to get an insight on which treadmill brands are the best, and which ones are questionable. Ultimately, he uses these tactics to come up with an honest and insightful opinion for each treadmill on his website.

With all this credibility and authority, why is this site not more popular? Well, just like most other treadmill review sites, this one is an affiliate site. I have already audited this site, and granted it a C+. I have my reasons for doing this, and if you’d like to read my audit for, just click here. There is a reason this site is not ranking high in google, and it is not one of the more popular websites to go to for treadmill advice.

This is the most difficult thing to understand about treadmill review sites. This one should be taking the cake. I wonder why sites like these, with this much authority, are not the most popular sites out there. Well, here’s where it gets confusing.

The site is still an affiliate site, which means the website is making money off specific brands. This would then make sense that Fred Waters “top picks” are all the brands he makes a commission from. This website does review a large amount of treadmill brands, though, which is a good sign. However, on the lower brands (brands he doesn’t make money from), he gives short descriptions and does not offer the same insightful information he offers on his “top picks.”

Ultimately, Fred Waters is an extremely credible man in the fitness equipment industry. He has a lot of experience to back up every single opinion he states on his website. His website would be perfect for you to find insightful, honest opinions. However, these honest opinions will only be on his specific “top picks,” so if you’re looking for an opinion for a lower brand, such as Star Trac, which is a great brand that should be featured on every treadmill review site.

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