New Review Site: “The Treadmill Reviews”

For calling themselves, “The Treadmill Reviews,” you’d think that this site would be jam packed full of treadmill reviews. The site does not back up its own name. There is not one treadmill review that can be found on this site! In fact, it is difficult to find anything on their website. It seems like a two year old made the website. There are broken links all over the page. Some links will take you to random pages, while other links do not take you anywhere. The website is completely messy.

Not only is this site difficult to navigate through, but it has no use. The problem with this site is that they picked such a niche specific domain name and their site does not even give you that. The only useful content on this website is that they talk a little about treadmill reviews, and what to look for in them.

I always try to find the positives in a site, even if it is terrible. So, just like any other website on the internet, this website has some strengths. They have a few pages on their site that offers informative content. Most of the pages suggest what to look for in a treadmill, and how to get the most from your money. The best page they have on their site is an article titled: “Do you believe Treadmill Reviews are needed before buying a treadmill?” The Buyers Guide article on discusses what you should know about treadmill review sites and how to tell if they are trustworthy.

Their article is informative enough. It tells the user what they should know about treadmill reviews and how to distinguish through the good and bad ones. The site also comes to the conclusion that using treadmill reviews in order to make your treadmill decision is a good idea. I agree with this statement, and I think treadmill review sites can be extremely informative and helpful in making your treadmill decision.

Despite the fact that this site has a few good posts; This does not mean that it is full of truth and should be considered a trustworthy site, because honestly its not. I am going to do a full audit of this site soon, and you can see how the grade turns out. I can tell you right now, it won’t be very good. This site is extremely amateur and it needs a lot of work. Besides the messy navigation, this site seems to have wording and phrasing that may be spun, meaning that they copied and pasted it, but changed a few of the words.

Overall, if you were looking for a site that would offer insightful reviews on treadmills, then you are going to be extremely disappointed by this one. Take my word for it. This site will only waste your time and irritate you to look through. You can read my full audit of this site soon to find out why else it is a poor treadmill review site.

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