Treadmill Review Tuesday: Features the NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro

This week’s Treadmill Review Tuesday features the impressive NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro treadmill. The reason I chose this treadmill is because the price is in the mid range, meaning it will have plenty of features and it is affordable for some. I also chose this treadmill, because Treadmill Sensei, one of the sites on my website ratings page, has recently shared a post about this particular treadmill.

I’ve shared a post in the past about Treadmill Sensei’s creative graphics that display treadmills. This is one site that deserves to be mentioned, because it goes the extra mile and makes treadmill reviews more fun to read. If you’d like to look at my original post about Treadmill Sensei, click here. You can read that post to find out why Treadmill Sensei’s posts are so intriguing for reader’s.

The treadmill reviews that the Sensei posts are interesting because they are designed in graphics, and each week there is a new color and a new treadmill. These graphics may come in handy when deciding to buy a treadmill, because you can save the photos and then look at them later. The graphics do not offer much of a review or opinion, rather just the plain statistics of the machine. This can still be useful, though.

If you go to the original post on Treadmill Sensei and read that review, you will see that the review is informative and unbiased. This is what we like to see. The Sensei offers a few opinions of his own, but they are based off treadmill experts, such as Treadmill Doctor. He names a few of the features and explains how this treadmill is worth the price.

This review is not only featured in Treadmill Review Tuesday because of its creative appeal, but also the honesty and usefulness it has to offer.

The most important aspect in treadmill reviews is the honesty and truth that they offer. If you don’t have honesty, you don’t have anything. You need to look for trustworthy treadmill review sites that will lead you to your treadmill purchase.

It is always great to see sites like this one that go above and beyond to make their reviews more interesting. This is exactly why this site was picked this week. It is so important for websites to offer creative content on their pages, and you should always look for that.

Overall, Treadmill Sensei shared a great post this week on the NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro and I figured it was worthy of sharing. This treadmill review stands out more than most, because of its graphical appeal. I believe treadmill review sites would be more popular if they made their reviews more fun like this one. It gets so monotonous reading the same reviews over and over again. At the same time, it is nice to get an opinion on the treadmill that will ultimately help make your decision. Look for a site that features both of these aspects, and you should have no problem finding the right treadmill for you.

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