Wedding on a Treadmill?

Recently, a story blew up in treadmill news. It is a rather unique story and one that I have never heard of before. There were two ordinary people who would work out at the gym often, and one day Don Stephens saw Nilva Candiago, and decided to ask her on a date. The couple continued dating for four years before deciding to wed.

They contemplated the wedding for some time before deciding that they both wanted a casual, easy wedding. It was settled. The couple decided they wanted to get married in the place where they first met each other, and where they spend most of their time together, the gym. Most people would think this is a very unusual place to get married, but for Don and Nilva, it was perfect.

The ceremony only lasted a minute or two, and the people who attended it said it was “totally appropriate.” I think this couple takes the cake for the most unique place to wed.

What would you think about being married on a treadmill? Each person has a different story, and apparently being married on a treadmill fit these people’s personality. In my opinion, I think it is rather creative and strangely romantic. Plus, it is awesome that people love working out on treadmills enough to admit their undying love for each other on them. I’d like to thank for sharing this post, or else I may never have found it.

I love finding stories like this when I’m browsing through the treadmill review sites each day. It allows me to share an awesome story that you might not be able to find otherwise. I’m happy for this amazing couple, and I admire their courage to wed on a treadmill. Treadmills can be more than just a work out machine, and these people have proved that.

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