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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Horizon, Sole, Proform

Audit Results

A treadmill review site really can’t get much worse than this. Seriously. The first red flag appears when you type “Best Treadmill Reviews” into google. Since that line is right in their domain name, you should expect a high ranking if it’s a reputable site. Instead, it doesn’t appear in the results until the very bottom of the page. The description is laughable. It says, “Best treadmill reviews is the place to find in depth reviews of popular treadmill models from brands including Proform, Horizon and Sole.”

If by “popular treadmill models from… Proform, Horizon and Sole.” they mean “One or two treadmill reviews for each of those brands, but nothing more.” Then their description is accurate. There are literally 4 short reviews found on the site. Two models from Sole are reviewed, and only one each from the other two brands. Seems a bit ridiculous to have a site called Best Treadmill Reviews, when they only review 4 treadmills, doesn’t it?

Nowhere on the site does it mention elliptical reviews, but apparently elliptical reviews are a big part of the site since they make up nearly half of all the reviews found there. For each of the 3 brands with reviews, there is one elliptical reviewed. Now in some cases treadmill and elliptical reviews can go hand in hand, especially in the case of trying to help customers to know which machine will be better suited to their lifestyle. But it really peeves me when a site that doesn’t say one word about elliptical machines throws in a bunch of reviews, just hoping that you will follow their affiliate links and purchase one.

The 4 treadmill reviews that do appear on the website may as well have been written by a 1st grader. They are riddled with grammatical errors, and misspelled words. The reviews are written in paragraph form, and most of the major specs are missing. Across the top of each review you will see their huge affiliate link banner for Amazon, urging you to buy this treadmill that they have told you nothing about.

Besides the huge affiliate link banners, you also have to deal with spammy ads covering the site. There isn’t a “home page,” rather, the home page is a review of an elliptical (go figure, right?) and each brand doesn’t even have a page reviewing the brand as a whole. Someone thinks that they can make money just by putting up a trash site with affiliate links and advertisements all over it. And of course this site doesn’t have an earnings disclosure, which is required by law.

Sites like this are just wasted space in the interweb. Don’t even bother clicking on this garbage. You’re far better off going with a website that reviews many brands, and gives reviews for the majority of the models put out by that brand. Sites with 4 reviews total don’t deserve a second of your time.

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