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Rating: D
Brands Reviewed: Bowflex, Horizon, Nautilus, Precor, Proform, Sole

Audit Results

Another affiliate treadmill review site, surprise surprise. The problem I have with this site is that it doesn’t even try to bring something new to the table. All the so-called reviews are just the manufacture descriptions regurgitated onto a poorly designed WordPress site. The design isn’t terrible, but it could use some TLC.

More importantly, only 6 treadmill brands are actually reviewed on this site. I don’t know how you can call yourself a treadmill review site when you only review 6 treadmill brands. I mean, I know why they only review 6 treadmill brands (because they are the only brands that Amazon has an affiliate program setup with) but come on, can’t you put in a little extra effort and actually try to help the user?

The best treadmill review site is one that has all the answers. You can sit there and read reviews of a hundred different treadmills without ever leaving the site. This is important because comparison is everything. You find one treadmill you like with one price and you want to know why another treadmill is cheaper/more expensive. With this site, you find one treadmill you like and then you’ve already seen half the treadmills reviewed on the entire site! You will end up having to go to one of these other better treadmill sites eventually so why not just skip the crap and go straight to it?

This site is easy to navigate, I will give it that. If it does happen to review the brand/model you’re looking for, it won’t be hard to find and that is a definite plus. Some of these review sites require a PhD just to find a friggin review. So it does provide a good user experience with things like slideshows and easy navigation. I will give it that much.

However, like most Amazon affiliate websites, the reviews found on this site are extremely bias. Their rating system would be great if it wasn’t a lie. I wouldn’t trust these reviews with my life but it is a decent place to find the specs on a treadmill or two if that’s all your looking for. Even then, you’re better off going to the manufacturer’s website.

Another thing I dislike about the site is that it is very thin. Not only does it have a very limited amount of treadmill brands, the models are even fewer. They review a total of ONE Proform treadmill. How do you only review only one Proform treadmill? Proform literally has hundreds of treadmills and they only review one? Come on people.

You simply will not find everything you are looking for with this site alone. If they added a few more brands and multiplied their number of reviews by 1000, they might have a chance but until then, this site is just another bogus affiliate site trying to get the best of you.

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