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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Bowflex, Cory Everson, Horizon , LifeSpan, Merit, Nautilus, Schwinn, Sole

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This site is not the best. Actually that is an understatement, it is one of the worst. They offer a very limited selection of 15 treadmills. That doesn’t mean sort through 15 brands, but rather all they have is a total of fifteen treadmills. That isn’t even enough to get accurate comparisons between price range and functionality. is an affiliate website. They’re set up to sell a few specific treadmills and they don’t care about much beyond that. They solely want to make a quick dollar. That is why they quickly threw together a choppy website. Of course the whole point to any website is to eventually bring money to the creator, we do understand that, but if you are going to make a site, at least try to make it good.

It appears that whoever made this took the first template they saw and applied it to their webpage. Not a lot of time or effort was put into it, and it becomes quite apparent as soon as you come to the site. It is hard to imagine people actually trusting a site that looks like this, but they are registered through 2012 so supposedly they are still an operating business.

Ok, enough talking about their terrible website. How are they for content? Well, unfortunately they are not the best there. You would think if someone made a website for only 15 treadmills there would be some in-depth and specific information for each one. No, this isn’t the case. The reviews are as generic as Ashton Kutchers tweets “There’s good, there’s bad, there is Nicholas Cage”. The only problem is this site isn’t a joke like Ashton.

Apart from their limited selection of treadmills and the poor treadmill reviews they have a privacy policy you can read. Not very exciting, but with a site of this caliber it is worth mentioning. These guys get credit for every bit of information they have. And that means their 700 word privacy policy is mentioned.

The point is this is a very boring website, they have limited info, and it all looks like it was made by some kid in high school for his html class. If it was a high school project we give them extra credit for setting up the affiliate links. Unfortunately this is real life and not a fluffy public school class room, and that means we don’t have to be worried about hurting people’s feelings. This site gets an F for lack of info, lack of creativity and lack of effort.

Don’t use this site. You won’t find the best option out there. Most likely it will just leave you feeling depressed and uncomfortable.

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