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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Biosync, Confidence, Reebok, Roger Black, V-Fit, York

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This U.K-based treadmill review website could use a complete re-vamp. Their current design isn’t really anything special to look at. It looks too much like a lot of other webistes with a kind of “cookie cutter” design. The main thing that this website needs is more…stuff. They don’t have anything else other than a few treadmill reviews, which leads me to the next matter.

This website’s review line-up is ridiculous. First off, they are all U.K Brands that not many people know about. Even if you are living in the U.K, this isn’t a good website to go to for information about treadmills. It looks like they review only 6 treadmill brands. Only one of those brands sounds familiar and that is Reebok, which isn’t a very popular brand, as far as treadmills are concerned.

It looks like the one thing that they have thing going for them. It isn’t the design of the website, as we know, but rather the layout for one very specific thing. You can find all of the brands that they review in a category-type section on the right side bar. That is more than can be said than a few other websites where you really have to do some digging to find a certain review, if it is even there. Even though there are only 6 brands reviewed, they are easy to find!

That is not all of the downsides to this website, though. If you look through and see how many models of each brand is reviewed, you will definintely be disappointed. It looks like they only review about one model for each brand. The exception is Reebok, where a whopping 2 machines are reviewed. How are people supposed to look around for treadmills they want to know more about if there are no treadmills to look at?

Now for their actual reviews. The only thing I can find good about their reviews is the fact that they will reference information from real consumers, found most likely from the manufacturer’s website. This gives a fairly good idea of what average people think of the machine. There isn’t any personal experience on the treadmill, which suggests they’ve never even touched that treadmill. The rest of the review just consists of listing its features and specs. They don’t even list the general price of the machine.

As with many websites that have this grade, one word comes to mind: disappointment. Some of the sites like this one will have a decent element to it that not a lot of others do but then they fail due to the lack of choices available to the user. If you are in the U.K and only want to view 7 treadmills from the U.K, this is the website you should go to.

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