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Rating: B
Brands Reviewed: AFG, Bladez, Endurance, Fitnex, Horizon, Kettler, LifeFitness, LifeSpan, Livestrong, Nautilus, NordicTrack, Precor, Schwinn, Smooth, Sole, Sports Art

Audit Results

Consumer Reports is a pretty nice website that many people visit to find information about a wide range of different products. Needless to say, they feature reviews for many different products, not just treadmills. They also have a magazine that you can subscribe to that, I imagine, reviews different products as well.

You would think that since this website only features treadmill reviews of a few brands, that the actual reviews would not be very informative. Surprisingly, Consumer Reports has a pretty strict and specific rubric for determing a treadmill’s rating. From how easy the treadmill is to use, to where the stop button and emergency key are located. These guys really cover every inch of a treadmill, at least that is what they say.

One concern with this website is the fact that they only review 44 treadmills. They only review 44 of, what they think, are the best treadmills out there on the market. So even if you wanted to browse reviews of many different treadmills in a specific price range, you would probably need to go someplace else to find what you want.

They review mainly just higher-end treadmill brands whose products are on the more expensive side of things, like LifeFitness, Fitnex, and Precor. They only have a few less expensive treadmills from NordicTrack and Horizon. Though they proclaim to offer a lot of depth into individual treadmills, they are lacking in the breadth of treadmill brands that they review.

One thing that is certainly troubling about this website is the fact that you have to subscribe in order to view any review on it. The lowest amount you can pay is $6.95 for a monthly subscription of the website. It’s sad that even if you pay that for access to other products, you still only get to see 44 treadmills, which isn’t that many.

I would like to know what they have to offer over what anybody else does. Let’s see in order to see a review by “treadmill experts” on Consumer Reports you need to be a paying subscriber; while seeing reviews of many more different treadmill brands on some other sites is completely free. Heck, at least some affiliate websites will offer coupons for some treadmills. I don’t think Consumer Reports does anything like that.

Ultimately, Consumer Reports is a decent review website. They critique treadmills pretty harsh, yet they only review 44 treadmills in total. It is a very nice looking website, but in order to see their ratings on different products, you have to be willing to pay for a subscription.

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