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Rating: D-
Brands Reviewed: Landice, LifeSpan, LiveStrong, NordicTrack, PaceMaster, Precor, ProForm, Sole, True, Vision

Audit Results

It’s hard to call Consumer Search much of a treadmill review site when the amount of treadmills they do review is extremely limited, having only eight full reviews to be exact. Along with the fact the few treadmills they do review are the most recent models manufactured.

If you do so happen to be interested in one of the eight treadmills they do review, you are still faced with the issue of poor quality treadmill reviews. Consumer Search is an affiliate with Amazon, and you can clearly see this in their reviews that they are just looking for the sale, not to better inform you of the treadmill in itself.

While the lack of treadmill reviews and the poor quality of the reviews themselves, Consumer Search may have a few features not deemed horrible. One feature I do like about their reviews is the fact they link to other trustworthy treadmill review sites, such as Treadmill Doctor and Runner’s World. They state in their sources the reviews these trustworthy sites gave on the specific treadmill.

Another feature I liked with Consumer Search is the Amazon user reviews they had listed with a few of their treadmill reviews. One treadmill actually had up to 86 user reviews, both positive and negative, for the specific treadmill. I like the idea of having user reviews for the consumers to read, as previous users know firsthand what the treadmill has to offer.

Although they gave good resources from trustworthy sites and had many user reviews for the some of their treadmill reviews, their analysis on the treadmills were poor and lacking any real insight or opinions. Each review did have a little pros and cons on each treadmill, which was nice, yet their reviews themselves were nothing out of the ordinary.

Consumer Search reviews does not give you enough information to help you decide whether or not the treadmill will be a good fit for you and worth your money. Because the fact they are not a site dedicated strictly to treadmill reviews makes it hard to give them much credibility as a treadmill review source. I would not suggest going to Consumer Search as it is not a quality treadmill review site and will not be able to aid you in your treadmill purchases, making your visit a waste of time.

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