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Rating: C
Brands Reviewed: Weslo, Spirit, Smooth, Reebok, Proform, Precor, Nordictrack, Image, Healthrider, Sole, Vision, True, Schwinn, New Balance, Life Fitness, Landice, Fuel, Bowflex

Audit Results

The only thing that this review site has going for it is it’s easy-on-the-eyes design. I’ll be honest, this is a very nice design for a website and it is the only thing keeping it from receiving a lower grade. As I said, it is very nice to look at and also pretty simple to use. You just click on what you want to view and you see it.

They don’t even review a whole lot of brands, certainly not as many as they mention in their header image. They only review the most popular brands like NordicTrack, ProForm, and Landice. So there is a possibility that if you are looking for a specific treadmill, you won’t find it.

Also, something to note is that they don’t review many treadmills of a specific brand. They don’t review many treadmills, just ones that they think are the best ones to buy for a given price range. So you only get to see some treadmills that they think are the best. It is obviously not the best place to go to see many treadmills and compare them with each other.

As far as their actual reviews go, I would just totally stay away from them. It is all just a bunch of information that you can find literally anywhere else. There are no personal experiences shared on the website which implies that the person in charge of it hasn’t ever touched any of the treadmills they review.

Treadmill reviews that give only a treadmill’s specs and features are seriously a dime-a-dozen, so there aren’t many out there that feature a first-hand review of a treadmill or, at least, someone else’s first-hand review. A first-hand account of a treadmill is a very important thing for someone who really wants to know how a treadmill feels when it’s being used. People can find the basic information on the manufacturer’s website so why just put it up on yours?

I suppose you can’t be too harsh on this website’s treadmill reviews, they do other fitness equipment as well. But, then if all of their “reviews” are like this one, what is the point? You can find that information elsewhere, so why just regurgitate what other people have said?

One thing that should be in the mind of someone planning on making a treadmill review site, or any website for that matter, is the question: “What is something new that I can bring to the table”. The people at this website certainly weren’t thinking that when they decided to post the same information that is on other not-so-good treadmill review sites.

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