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Rating: D
Brands Reviewed: Bowflex, Horizon, Proform, Schwinn, Sole

Audit Results

This site really has nothing going for it. There is nothing about its design that really catches the eye and it almost looks as if they ripped off part of their logo from the Treadmill Doctor. It certainly isn’t the “prettiest” site I’ve ever seen.

It looks like they have only reviewed 5 treadmill brands and not even some of the most popular ones. Just about every good treadmill review site will have reviews of the top brands out there that have incredible features for a low price, or something like that.

Not even to mention how many treadmills in each brand they review! They don’t even review an entire brand’s treadmill line up. It looks like they only review 1 or 2 models out of each brand, which does not help you with finding a treadmill that suits you.

I must give them one thing though, their actual reviews. They really go in depth in each of their reviews. They give a little of its background information before listing all of the treadmills features and specs. After that, they give their honest and unbiased opinion of the treadmill and who they would recommend it to. Based on just their reviews alone, they would be a great review site. But they list treadmills that hardly anybody is looking for.

The only thing that this website does well is help you decide between about 9 total treadmills. That is really the only thing you get from this website. What is the point of setting up a treadmill review website that only reviews that many treadmills?

If they would revamp their design, add a LOT more brands and certainly a lot more treadmills, they could receive a higher grade, but with the site as it is right now with an unattractive design and hardly any reviews, they will stick with the D rating.

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