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Rating: C-
Brands Reviewed: AFG, BH Fitness, Bodyguard, Cybex, Endurance, Freemotion, Landice, Life Fitness, LifeSpan, Pacemaster, Precor, Spirit, SportsArt, True Fitness, Vision

Audit Results

Fitness Professor isn’t the most eye-catching site, to say the least. Everything is on the upper part of the screen so there isn’t any scrolling to be done. Let’s break down the homepage: About 30% of the space is taken up by the website’s logo, another 20% is ad space, and the other 50 is taken up by a big ugly old-school chalkboard that is used for navigating the site. Needless to say, this isn’t the most appealing website.

As for the breadth and depth of treadmills on this website, it is pretty limited. They only review about 14 brands, and not even any of the more popular ones at that. With how popular the ICON brands are (NordicTrack, and ProForm) it is a necessity that you review them on any treadmill review site. Having reviews of treadmills that nobody is really looking for, isn’t doing your site any good.

I noticed a type of trend with each treadmill brand that I clicked through and read. All of the brands featured on the website are higher end and more expensive ones. Granted, these brand’s treadmills are pretty good quality, but why not show cheaper treadmills that are just as good and much more popular? I can’t imagine reviewing brands that not many people are looking for, is doing you much good. You might go away disappointed if you go to this site looking for a specific model.

As for the actual treadmill reviews, there isn’t much to say, because there isn’t much said about the treadmills. The main part of the review is where the treadmill is given a rating from 1-10 in the following areas: Comfort, Ease of Use, Ergonomics, Motivation, Power, Quality of Const(?), Smoothness, Versatility, and Warranty. I don’t really understand what they mean by “Motivation”, but all of the scores are then totalled up and given an overall rating.

The rest of the reviews just consist of some text at the bottom with some information about the brand and very little about the actual treadmill. They might just highlight some of its top features. This doesn’t really give you any idea of what the treadmill is like. A list of all of the treadmill’s features and specs is what people want to see. Not just a rating of something that the reviewer has never even seen.

While most treadmill review websites will offer a comprehensive “Best Buys” list that consists of a Best Buy treadmill, and 1-2 runner up treadmills for every price class. This website, however, has one with only 4 machines; and since it is “Fitness Professor” they include reviews of other equipment. So out of all 4 of their best buys, 2 of them are treadmills; and it doesn’t even tell you why they are best buys.

All in all, if you are looking for a less-than-mediocre review of an expensive treadmill, then this is the site for you, otherwise you would get a lot more information somewhere else.

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