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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: BladeZ, BodyGuard, Boflex, Epic, HealthRider, Horizon, Image, Ironman, Landice, Nautilus, NordicTrack, Precos, Proform, Reebok, Sole, Spirit, Trimline, Weslo

Audit Results is not an affiliate site. They claim not to sell treadmills, not to promote any particular brand and they say they don’t make any money writing the articles. I would have to argue that they do make money off the website.

They have ads all over the page. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a treadmill review and what is an ad. The website was started in 2007 and it seems like they have not updated the format since ’07. It has a very old school feel. At first you feel like you have a good resource and some helpful information.

They have some tips and things to look for when it comes to treadmills. However, they don’t even review individual treadmills, just the brands of treadmills. So if you’re looking for a review on a specific treadmill you are out of luck with this website.

I would assume that if you are looking to buy a treadmill you would want a review on that treadmill not just the brand. Like all products some are made better than others. You can’t buy a treadmill on the fact that the brand makes good treadmills; you need the facts about that particular treadmill before you make the purchase.

Even the brand reviews are less than quality. The reviews are very plain and don’t really give any helpful information on any treadmills. If you are looking for treadmill reviews keep looking, you won’t find anything useful here.

While the reviews are terrible, they do have a few resources on the website that can be somewhat helpful. They have a buying guide when you are looking to buy a treadmill and they also have a pretty good section on repairing and the maintenance of your treadmill. While the name says just treadmill reviews I can’t recommend any of these reviews.

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