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Rating: D
Brands Reviewed: Biosync, Confidence, Fuel, Reebok, V-Fit, York, Branx, Weslo

Audit Results

Pro Treadmill Review is one of the few UK based treadmill review websites out there and is not half bad. It’s not half great either but it I’ve seen much worse. It is one of the few treadmill review sites that reviews some of the less known brands like Biosync, Body Sculpture, Branx, York, and others.

If I was UK based, this would be in my top 5 treadmill review sites just because it is so region-specific and does a good job with their reveiws. It’s an obvious Amazon affiliate but most review sites are.

This site actually tries to privide some good reviews but does come off as being a bit bias. They do a good job at providing the specs of each model and added features.

One problem I have with this site is that the reviews are not helpful in that they are written as if the author has never actually been on the machine. In fact, take a look at their disclaimer:

The reviews of treadmills on are written using information and opinions found from around the internet. The authors of this website may or may not have tested or used the treadmill in a review.

Well that’s not very helpful is it? But is it uncommon? Not at all. Very few of these review sites ever actually get their hands on the treadmills they pretend to be reviewing. There’s only one guy out there that actually handles every treadmill he reviews and he is the Treadmill Doctor.

But even the Treadmill Doctor has his restrictions; he doesn’t review the UK brands like Biosync, York, etc. so that’s a major plus to the Pro Treadmill Review site.

Overall, it’s not a great site because there are so few reviews but if they added some more and had some way to get their hands on the treadmills they review, it would be a solid review website.

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