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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Horizon, LifeSpan, ProForm, Schwinn, Sole

Audit Results

The reason received such a low rating is due to the fact they are lacking one important concept when it comes to a treadmill review site, treadmills to review. They only have a total of eight treadmills listed on their site; which include none from NordicTrack, one of the most popular treadmill manufactures out there.

Along with the lack of treadmills reviewed, the reviews themselves seem to lack any real opinions and personal reviews of the treadmills themselves. Instead they simply tell you about the features of the treadmills, along with a few videos showing off the features in more detail.

Not only does the absence of any real opinions scream affiliate site, the paid ad flap in the upper right hand corner, along with being extremely bothersome, gives it away as well. Yet they do admit to being an affiliate site in their About Us, which is nice to see some honesty somewhere on the site.

Speaking of honesty, their About Us is also where they state that they are dedicated to providing you quality “helpful reviews”, which is not exactly honesty in this case. Instead of being informative and helpful, their reviews are only trying to make every treadmill seem like the perfect model so you will be inclined to buy it and they can make their money.

The one and only thing Reviewed Treadmills site had going for them was the article listed on the home page. It gave a great description of why you should buy a treadmill, along with the pros and cons of buying a treadmill. The article also went on to give some pointers as to what to look for before you purchase your treadmill, as well as some information on the maintenance that comes along with owning a treadmill. I do like when review sites give you more information on all treadmills alike as well as their reviews with specific treadmills on the market.

Besides their one good article on the homepage, has nothing great really going for them. If you happen to be interested in one of the eight treadmills they do have featured, you still will not be able to come across any helpful, opinionated reviews to help you decide if this is the right treadmill for your home. If looking for quality reviews to aid you in making the right purchase for your home treadmill, I would save your time and steer clear of this site, instead try looking elsewhere.

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