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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Horizon, ProForm, Sole

Audit Results

At first glance, looks like a great site to find helpful treadmill reviews having quite a good range of treadmill brands under their “treadmills by brand” list, with some of the most popular brands on the market today. Yet this is where you are first led astray with the site suggesting a whole lot more than they really offer.

Their range of “treadmills by brand” list is in fact quite misleading as when you click on a brand you’ll find a review of that brand only, no specific treadmill models from that brand being reviewed. They actually only have three treadmill brands with specific models listed on their page, instead of the twenty brands they have listed.

Even with those three brands having specific treadmill models, which are also listed under the top tab “Treadmill Reviews” leaving you to believe you might find an actual review of a treadmill; you are once again led astray. When you click on the specific treadmill model from that brand, they all have the same “Amazon Web Service Configuration Error”, again no reviews of any treadmill models.

Last but not least when you try looking under the “treadmills by price” list for a glimpse of a treadmill review, you will again be disappointed. Under the $500-$600, and $600 and over treadmills you will find one treadmill under each. These will only take you to EBay, which even then won’t give you any treadmill reviews. Under the other price ranges their are simply on treadmill parts. states they have treadmill reviews and treadmills for sale, which I could not find either of the two. They lead you many places thinking you might find a treadmill review, yet in the end they actually have zero treadmill reviews on their site. They created this site in 2009, and it seems they have not done anything with it since. This would be a site to avoid when trying to find any helpful, useful information in regards to treadmill reviews.

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