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Rating: D
Brands Reviewed: Smooth, Healthrider, Tunturi, Nordictrack, Image, Reebok, Landice, Proform, Cybex, Trimline, Weslo

Audit Results

This extremely basic website does nothing to help potential treadmill buyers out. In fact, before I looked at every page, I was questioning the motives of the site. Overall the site is worthless, and here are the reasons why.

First of all, this is not an affiliate site. The majority of treadmill review sites are affiliates, meaning that they link to either the manufacturers website, or to another website that sells a particular model. When a person clicks through the affiliate link to purchase the treadmill, the owner of the website gets some type of commission. This site, however, doesn’t have any affiliate links.

This site reviews 12 treadmill models. But the “reviews” consist of about 3 sentences telling very basic things about the treadmills. Each review also includes a tiny (thumbnail size) picture of that machine. These reviews will not help anyone figure out what they would like to purchase. The prices and specs of the models are not included in these reviews.

There are 11 different manufacturers reviewed on the website. These aren’t really “reviews” either, but very similar to the models reviewed, only include a very small picture, and 3 sentences about each company. Smooth is the first manufacturer listed on the page, which is our first hint that the site may somehow be connected to Smooth.

The “Used Equipment” tab on the page is a broken link, which is a shame, because it may have offered more information as to what this website is all about. Perhaps if it was useful information, then the website as a whole could have gotten a better score.

Only after you click on the very last tab, “Buying” do you see the purpose of this site. The page is basically says that you should take a 1 minute questionnaire to see which treadmill will best fit your needs. When you click on the link to take the survey, what do you know, you just end up at the Smooth Fitness homepage.

Basically, from what I can tell, the entire website is set up and maintained solely for that little link to Smooth Fitness. Though, I can’t imagine anyone actually checking out the Smooth Fitness site after clicking through on that link since they are expecting to take a questionnaire, and instead get whisked away to the Smooth brand website. Don’t waste your time even looking at this website. There is nothing there that will help in the search for a treadmill.

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