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Rating: C+
Brands Reviewed: BowFlex, Epic, HealthRider, Gold’s Gym, Image, Horizon, Landice, LifeSpan, LiveStong, Merit, Nautilus, NordicTrack, Proform, Reebok, Smooth Fitness, Sole Fitness, Spirit, Star Trac, PaceMaster, Precor, TreadClimber, True Fitness, Vision Fitness, Weslo, Yowza

Audit Results

First of all is an affiliate site and it is set up like one. All of the treadmills that they are promoting are listed at the top of their websites listed under top treadmill picks. It is difficult to find any reviews that are not of their top treadmill picks. You can scroll down and select, “More Brand Reviews,” but that seems to be all there is. Mostly just brand reviews. They either don’t have any reviews for some of their lower brands, or they may have one single treadmill review.

The website is set up very nice. It is clean and easy to navigate. The one great thing about this site is that it is ran by Fred Waters who claims that he has been working in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years. This definitely gives the site some credibility.

When searching through affiliate sites, it is important to see that it is actually ran by a single person. And it gives even more credibility, considering he tells everyone his name and he has photos of him. There are even photos of him on an actual treadmill! You won’t find this in many review sites.

Because of the credibility and experience Fred has, the reviews come out really authoritative. Fred really breaks down each treadmill and gives his own opinion on the machine. This is one reason the site received a decent rating. You cannot hide the fact that the reviews on this site are informative and mostly unbiased.

The only negative thing about the site is that you can still see bias just through the brands they review and their “Top Treadmill Picks”. It would also help if they had actual treadmill reviews for some of their lower brands. It’s like they just forget about it.

You cannot learn enough about a treadmill just from hearing about the brand, you need to actually read the treadmill review. So, you may not find the review you’re looking for if you look in some of this site’s lower brands, such as Star Trac or True Fitness. These brands feature only one treadmill review, so chances are it may not even be the one you’re searching for.

The one good side to this site is you can find opinions on the reviews. This is unlike some sites that just give you the manufacturer information and don’t provide any feedback. Some of the reviews on the lesser known brands are not as in depth as the brands that are being promoted. Overall this is a good–not great review site.

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