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Rating: A-
Brands Reviewed: NordicTrack, Proform, Sole, Smooth Fitness, LifeSpan, LiveStrong, Horizon, Bowflex, Yowsa, Gold’s Gym, Bodyguard, Bremshey, CardioZone, Cybex, Endurance, Epic, EVO, Freemotion, Fuel, HealthRider, Image, Ironman, Landice, LifeFitness, Pacemaster, Precor, Spirit, Start Trac, Steelflex, True, Tunturi, Vision, Weslo, Woodway

Audit Results

Treadmill Review Guru is an affiliate site. That being said, they are one of the better affiliates out there. I would consider them to be a non-traditional affiliate because of the sheer number of brands and models reviewed that don’t have affiliate links. I normally don’t encourage people to do any one-stop shopping while trying to decide which treadmill is right for them, but I don’t think that you will go wrong with this site.

It appears as though they are only affiliated with 10 brands, but the Guru goes the extra mile and has been able to review 34 different brands of treadmills, with unique reviews for each of the models on the market right now. The brand names of their affiliates are not listed under the disclosure, but as with most review sites, you can almost always count on each treadmill brand listed under “top treadmill brands” to be an affiliate. This shows that there is a good balance on the site, seeing as only ⅓ of all of the brands reviewed are affiliates, it really shows that some work was put in to make it a credible site.

Another really cool feature of the Treadmill Review Guru is that each review features “Expert Reviews” and “User Reviews.” Basically, the Guru has taken the time to sift through all of the other reviews out there and find the most relevant and pertinent information about each model, and put it all into one place so that it is easily accessible. As I have read through several of the reviews, I notice that under both the “User” and “Expert” reviews, there appears to be a good mix of good and bad comments. This will help a buyer to have a more unbiased look, and again, it’s nice to have all of that information in one place!

Overall, I feel that the reviews are pretty unbiased and are written to truly assist the average customer. The Guru isn’t afraid to say what is wrong with a machine, even if it is on the affiliate list. It also appears that they are trying to gather up video reviews for each individual model that they have reviewed. This will definitely add a lot of credibility to their website, as video reviews are becoming more and more popular.

One of my very favorite things about the site is that it looks very professional and nowhere on it will you see a spammy ad. Nothing irks me more than trying to read a review and having to stare at some flashing ad right in the middle of the page. Even if the ads are relevant, like a treadmill for sale on Amazon, I would never click on that link. It’s so clearly an affiliate link that it just kind of disgusts me. Thankfully, you will never encounter anything like this while browsing on the Treadmill Review Guru.

There appears to be someone working very hard on this site. Nearly every day a new article is posted by the Guru. I have read through most of the articles on the site, and all of them look to be very well written and clearly someone is taking the time daily to ensure that the articles and site are always looking good.

The only thing keeping me from giving the Guru a solid “A” is that the site is still so new. It appears that it has only been up and running for a couple of months now. It takes time to build up a site and gain rapport with readers. If in the future, the site is still regularly updated then the score will definitely rise, as I feel it is one of the best sites out there right now.

In conclusion, I would encourage anyone to check out this site! After looking over the reviews found on the Treadmill Review Guru, you will be able to recognize a good site when you see one. Don’t go wading through spammy trash sites when there are sites like this available to give you good information about so many different brands.

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