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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Bowflex, Bodyguard, Health Rider, NordicTrack, Proform, Smooth, TruPace, Weslo, Sole, Spirit

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This site is obviously an affiliate website for Smooth treadmills. No problem with that. But when a site gives every one of their machines a 5 out of 5 and then gives the other machines a 0 well then it is clear that they are obviously biased. When being a biased website review the other treadmills and give them at least one star, so that it isn’t so obviously apparent that you don’t care about them. Ok, so they are biased so what, let’s move on.

Besides not being trustworthy when it comes to their rating system they have other flaws too. It takes more than just a blatant bias to earn a site an F. This site offers a limited selection of treadmill reviews. They only cover a little over ten different brands.

It is hard to tell how many brands they actually review, because the sorting option on their site is only limited to price range. So if you want to look compare the Smooth 5.65 with the Smooth 6.75 you have to enter a separate price range tab and then search through the list of other treadmills they have. It makes comparing treadmills hard and uncomfortable. Most sites offer a sort by brand option which is nice because it allows you to see what features have been added to the old model, allowing you to decide whether the price increase is worth it. You would think a Smooth affiliate would think this through, but they over looked this.

So the designers of the website didn’t really think about the “comparing treadmills” aspect of their site. Well, they didn’t think about aesthetics or function either. Some of the links on this poorly designed website don’t even work. This screams unprofessional. It truly is baffling to think that people would want to buy a treadmill through this site.

What really sets this site over the top is their terrible reviews. They support, quite possibly, the worst reviews that have ever been written in the entire world wide web. There is no good information here. Their reviews are composed of only the most generic and basic facts. “It is a folding treadmill, it is IPod compatible, and has shock absorbers” this is from their review of the AFG 5.0 AT. However, you cannot really call that a review as it is composed of only facts. It would be helpful to know how this treadmill compares to others. It folds, but is that common for treadmills with a 2.5 HP engine? This is just one question they leave unanswered. They do not speak to the average Joe. The only reiterate the selling points that can be found on any brand website.

In conclusion these guys are going to try and shove a Smooth treadmill down your throat. Now Smooth is a great brand and they make great treadmills. However, some treadmills are not for some people. So if you are going to look for a treadmill you should compare all the different qualities of the treadmills without bias and see which one most appeals to you.

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