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Rating: C
Brands Reviewed: LifeFitness, NordicTrack, Life, Sole, Kettler, Horizon, Fuel Fitness, Bremshey, Reebok, BH Fitness, York, Proform, Body Sculpture

Audit Results

This site is made for and by the British. I don’t know why they incorporated the British flag on their banner. It seems like that is a pretty quick way to segregate yourself from potential consumers. Being that the site is put on the World Wide Web, it doesn’t really make sense to advertise and promote a singular location. Maybe they thought it would cut them a niche in the treadmill market. Maybe this is working for them. It would be surprising if their cheap WordPress site was getting a lot of traffic.

Not to say this is the worst site out there. It is pretty much exactly mediocre. It is the most moderately ok website on the web, but with a little British twist. A cool thing about this website is everything is priced with euros, which surprisingly doesn’t happen too often on the internet. So if you are used to dealing with dollars you might have to open a currency converter in a separate tab.

They review a total of 13 brands, not a lot but it isn’t like some of those garbage affiliate sites that just review one brand. As far as their reviews go, well they aren’t the best out there. Many of the treadmills that they have listed on their site aren’t even reviewed, which docks major points off their score. However, the reviews they do give are nice and thorough. It is easy to tell that those British folk like their long paragraphs.

Being a chiefly British site they review chiefly British treadmills. Brands like York and DHK are the kind you won’t really find in the U.S. but here they make the top of the list. Furthermore, they do not offer reviews on some of the more popular brands like Yowza or Wezlo.

Their price table is a nice feature. You can look at the treadmills all organized by price, but you still get to see the rating they got (if they ever got a rating), as well as motor, incline, retailer, and exact price. It is all laid out in a pretty cool design too. As if the programmers from pacman met with a freshmen design major.

Other fun features about this website include a buyer’s guide, second hand shop, treadmill voucher codes, and a training tips area. The training tips area is rather a pitiful extension of the site, but they still get points for the effort they put into it.

This website is right for very few treadmill consumers. Ask yourself these questions: are you stationed in the UK? Are you a leisurely runner rather than a serious runner? And, Could you not care less about finding the best deal? Alright if you answered No to any of these questions then this website isn’t for you. However, if you scored three yeses out of three then by all means collect your euros and dump them on a treadmill from the land of red coats.

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