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Rating: F
Brands Reviewed: Epic, Healthrider, Horizon, Livestrong, Nautilus, NordicTrack, Precor, Proform, Schwinn, Smooth, Sole, Yowza

Audit Results

First of all as far as I can tell this website has not been updated since 2010-2011. The layout makes it easy to find reviews and brands. The layout is all the site really has going for them, though.

The website claims to review the top treadmills, however, a lot of the newer models have not been reviewed. Also they only review 12 brands and leave out some of the more popular models. They probably reviewed the “top treadmills” back in 2010, but since they have not updated recently in 2012, their reviews are extremely outdated.

This website seems to have been abandoned. It also looks like an affiliate website and it is hard to take some of the reviews serious since they are so outdated and try to desperately sell you a treadmill. Some of the reviews are more detailed and these seem to be the products that they are trying to sell, making it even harder to believe anything said on this website.

One of the only positives to the website is that it did list the specs of the treadmill on the right side of the review. This makes it easy to find out the speed, incline, tread belt length, etc. of the treadmill. However, again this isn’t a good enough review to deserve a decent grade, because anyone can go on the direct manufacturer’s page and find out this information.

Overall, this seems to be a website that someone threw together pretty fast to make some money and it doesn’t look like it worked since they stopped updating it. This is why I have given this website a failing grade and I don’t see a lot of truth on a website that claims it in the URL.

If you are looking for honest reviews on treadmills keep looking; This website isn’t worth your time. If they updated the website it may have some potential but I would guess that this website won’t be around very long since it seems to be abandoned.

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