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Brands Reviewed: NordicTrack, Smooth, Sole, Proform, Fuel, Horizon, Yowza, LiveStrong, Bowflex, Free Motion, Gold’s Gym

Audit Results should not be considered a review site but rather a tool. At Treadmill Comparison you can choose up to 4 treadmills to compare side-by-side which is a pretty cool feature. Treadmill review sites would do better if they included features like this.

While the site does provide treadmill reviews aside from the comparison tool, the reviews are extremely bias and not very thorough. They are your typical reviews that list the basic specs of each treadmill and a few other good things about it. My guess is that the moderators of this site have not even physically handled the treadmills they pretend to review.

It’s good to have access to treadmill specifications but you are better off finding them at the manufacture’s site. Why would you go to a review site that receives commission from every sale to find out what size motor a treadmill has? With “Click here to SAVE” buttons placed all over the place (even inside the comparison tool) it’s clear that this website is just begging for your click.

So the comparison tool alone makes this site a gem. It would be better if they were just the tool and not an affiliate website. In that case, you could trust them a little bit more but since they are an obvious affiliate of Icon Fitness (their disclaimer is located at the bottom) you have to take everything they say with a grain of salt.

A lot of times you will be looking for a treadmill and find two or three worthy prospects. Best case scenario is that you have read through helpful user reviews on genuine sites like Treadmill Review Guru or Treadmill Doctor and are at the cross-roads of two or three different treadmills. The reviews look good, the prices are right, now you just have to make that last final decision. It is at that point that you shoot on over to and put the three treadmills you have in mind into the comparison calculator. You will then be able to have a better look at the treadmills you are considering.

Treadmill Comparison will give you a bird’s eye view of the prospected treadmills. You will see both the weaknesses and strengths of a treadmill as compared to others. You will quickly notice a treadmill that has a 3.0 horse power motor for the same price as one with a 4.0 horse power motor. These things are important.

One thing that the Treadmill Comparison tool fails to do is provide a decline percentage for the treadmills being compared. More and more treadmills are capable of decline as well as incline and the tool fails to acknowledge that. Hopefully we will see an update sooner than later. The site’s blog is maintained regularly so obviously it has not been forgotten.

Overall, I would not go looking for reviews from Treadmill Comparison. If you are looking to compare 2-4 treadmills side-by-side, this site is perfect for that.

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