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Rating: B
Brands Reviewed: Bowflex, FreeMotion, Gold’s Gym, Healthrider, Horizon, Livestrong, Nordictrack, Proform, Reebok, Smooth, Sole, Weslo, Yowza

Audit Results is (like most online reviews) an affiliate site. However, the wording on the “Earnings Disclosure” page implies that the website was created before the affiliate relationships. So it can’t be all that bad, right?

They tell you on the home page that they don’t review every single type of treadmill available, just the major ones. That is understandable, but it doesn’t make it a complete source of treadmill reviews. On the flip side, this limited source of reviews lets you know that you are only going to read about treadmills that are from trustworthy brands. You won’t get a junk machine from a junk retailer (unless the review tells you about it first).

One good thing about this site is that it actually tells you what the specs are. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to find a site that describes a treadmill as being the “best ever”, but when you go to purchase one you find that you are too tall or too heavy for the treadmill. A treadmill review site needs to have the specs on it.

However, it doesn’t give them to you in a nice format. If you prefer paragraph form when gathering information, then this site is perfect for you. I feel like it is easier to find the information I need when it’s put together in a nice chart though, and I don’t get this from Treadmill Review.

One thing that I really like about Treadmill Review is that they actually tell you the pros and cons of the treadmill. Many sites just build up their affiliates, but it doesn’t look like Treadmill Review is one of them. Being able to offer coupons is a dead giveaway for an affiliate site! But Treadmill Review doesn’t always give perfect ratings for the treadmills they offer coupons for. They even tell you about the bad things, like a low range of incline. This makes them a pretty reliable source of information.

Treadmill Review also offers you coupons, which is another reason the site is worth your time. Since they only review the major brands, you know that you’ll be able to find coupons for all the major players like NordicTrack. This site always has good deals on treadmills.

Overall, is a great place to find reviews of the major treadmills. These are all trustworthy brands, so you know you aren’t going to get a junk machine. They also give you the pros and cons of the machines, so you can make an educated opinion on which one to buy. On top of this, Treadmill Review offers some great coupons! So not only will you get a great review, you will also get an awesome discount. Overall, is a great place to go for reviews, as long as it’s for a major treadmill.

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