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Rating: B+
Brands Reviewed: NordicTrack, Landice, SportsArt, Smooth Fitness, Yowza, Life Fitness, ProForm, Bodycraft, EVO, Epic, Precor, Nautilus, Livestrong, LifeSpan, Horizon, Health Rider, Star Trac, Spirit, Sole, Sears, AFG, Gold’s Gym, Fuel, Endurance, Reebok, BladeZ, Bowflex, Merit, Ironman, Image, Schwinn, Trimline, Weslo

Audit Results

If you have searched “treadmill reviews” on google recently, then no doubt you will notice that is number one in the searches. It wasn’t always number one, but due to some changes made by google, it was somehow boosted up. At least it’s not the worst site to have in the top position, but there definitely are better.

In general when you see a site with a “.net” rather than a “.com” or “.org” it’s usually not the best site out there. I don’t make a habit of clicking on any site with a “.net” domain. What “.net” means is that when this person wanted to purchase the domain name, the “.com” version of it was already taken, there was no way that they could purchase the “.com”. So they will buy the “.net” in hopes that they can still get it to rank well. In most cases, “.net” sites don’t outrank “.com” but this is definitely an exception. We’ll see how long they last in the #1 position before google makes more changes. is an obvious affiliate site that features 30 different brands. But the disappointing thing here is that even though they review 30 brands, for many of the brands on the site it is just a general brand overview, and specific models aren’t reviewed. They would have a better rating if more treadmill models were reviewed. Of the 30 brands reviewed, at least 23 of those are affiliate brands. Kind of disappointing to see that they only reviewed 7 brands more than they “had” to.

Obviously the brands that they have affiliate links to rank very high, but it’s nice to see that a few brands which aren’t on their affiliate list, such as Landice and Life Fitness, are getting good marks as well. It’s somewhat rare to see this happen with an affiliate site. This is one of the only reasons that they are still getting a pretty good rating. For the models that are reviewed, the reviews appear to be thorough and easy to read.

The main problem with the site is that you will have to search a little to find any brands that they aren’t affiliated with, as all of the brands listed on their sidebar are affiliates. It appears that they have a lot of their commissions coming from Amazon, but some of the brands have affiliate links straight to the company website. Some of the links around the site are broken, most often in the case of a non-affiliate brand trying to link out to the company website. Kind of disappointing to see that.

The site owners claim to be high school cross country buddies who now run the site together despite living far away from each other. A quick lookup tells us that the domain is registered to a man in Las Vegas, which could support the story on the site, but just keep in mind that when an affiliate site doesn’t list the names of those who run it, the site may not be very reputable.

Overall, this site deserves a B+ ranking because of the number of brands reviewed, and the detail put into each review, but users should recognize that there are some problems with the site. Site visitors may have a hard time finding what they are looking for due to broken links, and the slightly non user-friendly interface. It may be worth checking out, but I wouldn’t make a decision to purchase a treadmill solely on the information found on this website.

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