Audit of Treadmills 411 –

Rating: C+
Brands Reviewed: TruPace, Bowflex, Cybex, Endurance, Horizon, Life Fitness, Lifecore, LifeSpan, Livestrong, Merit, Nordictrack, Precor, Proform, Schwinn, Smooth Fitness, Sole, Spirit, Tunturi, Yowza, Confidence, Paradigm, Phoenix, Stamina

Audit Results screams one thing to me – Sketchy! The more time I spend wandering around the site the less impressed I become. One of the first pages that I clicked on was the “contact us” page, and I immediately noticed that there is a large paragraph of text written in another language. How does that even happen on a site that is otherwise totally in English? But don’t worry, that isn’t the only thing wrong with this site…

There isn’t any earnings disclosure on Treadmills 411. Not only is this against the law, but it proves that there are some shady practices going on here. There are very clear affiliate links throughout the site, which is a big no-no if you don’t disclose them. I have sent an email to them through the contact us page, asking if they have an affiliate disclosure, and asking why their contact page is written in another language, but I am still waiting to hear back about that. I will have to update when (or if?) I ever hear back from them.

At the very bottom of the site, there is a link to their “sister site” called, which is an even messier and more confusing website. At the bottom of that page there are “links” for an earnings disclosure, privacy policy, contacts, etc. but the links don’t go anywhere! They keep you on the homepage. So there is no way to tell between the two sister sites which brands are affiliates, and whether their reviews are ethical, or anything else. If you ask me, they are looking for a lawsuit.

I definitely don’t recommend the sister site, The layout is very confusing, and it’s hard (almost impossible) to find what you are looking for. I find it strange that the link to Whichicontreadmill is at the bottom of Treadmills411, but I don’t see any reverse links between the two. The whole thing just seems odd to me, and when I get strange vibes like that from a site, I generally just avoid it altogether.

At the top of every review, there are buttons saying “Find us on Facebook” and “Find us on Twitter.” If you click through, you will notice that the twitter page has 0 followers, follows 0, and has 0 tweets. The facebook page, links to a personal fb page of someone who works at the company, and no information is publicly viewable. Both of these sites are clearly not used to market their website, and are not doing them any good. It would be reassuring to see that someone has been working on building up the website, but that is in no way evident on any of their sites.

However, I will give them credit where credit is due. Even though it appears to me that every single one of their reviews links to an affiliate (either the manufacturer’s site, or Amazon in most cases), the reviews appear to be pretty solid. They give a rank and percentage to each machine reviewed, and also cover the pros and cons of each. They review just over twenty brands, and have a lot of outdated reviews, that have been moved to their own page.

Overall, is a bit of a strange site. Because of the lacking earnings disclosure, and other sketchy things around the site, I wouldn’t ever purchase anything through one of their affiliate links. However, since they do review many different models, and the reviews appear pretty objective, reading about machines that you are interested in may be worth it. For these reasons, I have given the website a C+

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